Striker Superstars



The game allows a player to create her own soccer player in an avatar creator. There are about 5 hair styles, faces, and a whole series of skin tones and hair colours. The player can team up with friends, buy new equipment, get extra points to the characters attributes like stamina, and so on. There is one global ranking system, such that players can aim to be the best.



The match part has two types of controls, either 3rd person or topdown view. Both of them have their own set of controls, which offers a player a bit of freedom to find the control system they prefer. You play as a single player on the field. The rest of your team can consist either of other human players or of AIs. The team with the most goals wins.




  • Multiplayer soccer game.
  • Ingame shop and achievement system.
  • Friend system with matchfinding.
  • Create your own soccer player in the avatar creator.
  • Character upgrade system, e.g. stamina, recovery rate, and so on
  • Webplayer.


Additional notes:

The game was developed for Cybersports World and later on in cooperation with them.



Cybersports World
Unity Studios