My name is Anders Ejlersen. I have a MSc in Computer Science from Aalborg University and I currently reside in Aarhus, Denmark.


I have in my work life been a part of creating different games and other types of visual projects. The games include: Bullet League, Axe in Face 2, Space Heads, Let's Grow! and Striker Superstars, where I've worked with various areas, like: game mechanics, input, ui, network, optimisation and various other interesting areas. I've also worked on other visual projects including: MobiGlobe. A project that displays various information about the car industry in a fun and intuitive way. It does this by using different types of interaction: Touch and Kinect. I've worked on the visual representation of the data, animations, network, touch and Kinect.


I have in my study worked on projects relating to pathfinding, recommender systems, language and compilation, game engines, artificial intelligence in games, and recently my master thesis about static and dynamic load distribution systems for MMOGs.


My master thesis is about MMOGs with the theme: Distributed Systems. The thesis concentrates on how to create a scalable solution, such that it can support possibly thousands of players. This concerns both static and dynamic load distribution techniques, like Matrix and JoHNUM. The solution was implemented and tested with a game, codenamed: "Rock Pounder". The game was developed from scratch using OpenGL as graphics API.


I have created a few games both using an existing game engine, but also creating a game engine from scratch using the OpenGL as graphics API. Some of the games are mentioned under the project and games tabs. The different game engines and tools I have tried to develop games in, are: Unity3D, Ogre3D, and the Source SDK.



2021 - : Game Programmer at Funday Factory aka Funday Games
2020 - : Game Programmer at Jolly Lantern Studios
2014 - 2020: Game Programmer at Funday Factory aka Funday Games
2010 - 2014: Game Programmer at Unity Studios
2009 - 2010: Game Programmer at Heslegrave IT
2000 - 2003: Dishwasher at Hurup Thy's Old People's Home
1996 - 1999: Cleaner at Huma in Hurup Thy
2009 - 2010: MSc in Computer Science
2008 - 2009: Game and Engine Programming
2005 - 2008: BSc in Computer Science
2001 - 2004: HTX Thisted
2000 - 2001: Thisted NVU - Linie 10
1991 - 2000: Hurup Elementary School
Other activities:
2009: AAU Tutor for 1. Semester students
2009: Game Programmer at a DADIU production
2007: AAU Tutor for 1. Semester students