I have had the pleasure of developing games, different types of visual projects and tools. Not all, but some of them are listed here:



Work related:


  • Title: Subway Surfers Tag
  • Short: 3D arcade platformer - Chase your high score, skate, grinding rails, landing jumps, tagging objectives and blasting the clean up crew bots.


  • Short: 2D Platformer Battle Royale - on your phone! Skill-based gravity-defying gunplay and unique weapon abilities!


  • Title: LEGO® Star Wars™ Microfighters
  • Short: Pilot a LEGO® Star Wars Microfighters vehicle as you master the drift and set high-scores to unlock iconic Star Wars characters.Only the most skilled pilots can become a drift master!


  • Short: Help Redbeard defend his precious flowers from hordes of invading Vikings.


  • Title: LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise
  • Short: Kids can use their imagination to create their very own LEGO® vehicles and minifigures.


  • Title: LEGO® Juniors Quest
  • Short: A robber has escaped from the police station and you need to pursue him and take him back into custody.



  • Short: Fun-packed endless space runner.


  • Short: Tactical skill and massive firepower to complete missions.



  • Short: Simulating natural and user-created plant growth.


  • Title: MobiGlobe
  • Short: Interactive visualisation of various mobility facts.



Free-time related:




  • Title: EVE Map
  • Key Words: EVE Online, Unity3D


Education related:


  • Short: A 3D MMOFPS which takes place in vast space. The setting is an epic battle between the blue and red team which both have arrived in huge numbers...


  • Title: Tænkeboks
  • Short: A small strategic dice game, where every player starts with four dice. The goal of the game is not to be the last man sitting with a number of dice....


  • Title: Puzzlelain
  • Short: A famous female plate painter has died, but she sometimes can be seen in her blue fluted plates. She moves around on the plate, creating new details before she disappears in a flower...


  • Short: FPS spy game, where the player has infiltrated a government building. However the spy has been betrayed and needs to quickly hack the remaining computers and escape...


  • Short: FPS multiplayer game settled in a cartoonish space environment. The player controls a soldier on a pogostick, which has a bazooka to take down other players...


  • Title: Hangman (Nostalgic)
  • Short: The game is about guessing a word in a given category. The word is represented with dashes for each letter in the word...