Rocketman: Lost In Space



The game takes place in space. The player is a soldier, which has no memory of why and how he is gotten to this place. He is lost in space.


Space seems infinite and scary, and the soldier needs to find a way out. Near the soldiers planet there is other planets orbiting around the soldiers planet. The soldier can not believe his eyes, other soldiers are on these planets, and there are different kinds of resources available on these planets.


The soldier finds himself in a fury and greed as he wants these resources, and does not want to share them with anyone.


The soldier reach for his only two weapons, a bazooka and his entrenching tool. He aims for the nearest planet where the first opponent is located. The soldier takes a deep breath and jumps into space with direction towards the planet. The other soldier sees the soldier flying through space, and tries to blast him out of the sky with his own bazooka. The soldier sees the rocket flying towards him, but it miss. The soldier can feel the planets gravity drag him as he gets closer to the planet.


The gravity pulls the soldier to the planet's surface, and the soldier takes his entrenching tool, and makes an end to the other soldiers life.


The soldier feels excitement and joy, and he must go on to the other planets and gather resources and stop opponents on his way.



  • The game is a FPS multiplayer game.
  • Cartoon environment, where the soldier is celshaded.
  • The soldier can jump from one planet to another by using his pogostick.
  • The weapons array only consists of the bazooka. The entrenching tool has been removed.
  • Two types of power-ups: Extra life and Additional damage (Quad damage).


Additional notes:

The client was developed using the Ogre3D engine. The server was developed from scratch.



Anders Ejlersen
Anders Tankred Holm
Kim Jung Nissen
Mads Bøgeskov
Rasmus Kristensen



Trailer Tutorial



Client/Server (XP)
Client/Server (OSX)